White/Black = 2½ cm

White/Black = 2½ cm

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No person wants to be kicked at full power so we have a variety of boards with different strengths that you can practice and improve your technique and be sure that your kicks are truly effective - These boards are terrific value because they have a shaped joint so that you can put them back together and keep using the board for 20 or 30 years -- SIZE - This Board is White with a dense foam Black cover on the front and it is the standard 28 x 28 cms square 2½ cms thick -- STRENGTH - Because the boards are made in a machine the strength will always be the same - BUT the strength of wood can vary and this White Board is approximately equal to a dry piece of Parana Pine that is 28 x 28 cms square and 2½ cm thick - NOTE that there is nothing worse that not succeeding so we recommend that you start with a lower strength board and progress to stronger boards as your technique improves -

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