Embroidered Belts -- Horizontal Rank --

Embroidered Belts -- Horizontal Rank --

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DETAILS -- These belts have your rank Horizontally plus TKD written in the official Korean script on one end - At the other end of the belt you have the five tenets of TKD exactly as written by the founder -- CORRECT -- as shown on page 373 of the Encyclopaedia the belts are designed to go once round your waist to signify -- "Ohdoikwan" the pursuit of one goal -- Ilpyondanshim to serve one master -- Ilkyopilsung to gain victory with one blow -- SIZES -- All belts are 5 cms wide and 5 mm thick - We only have the lengths shown and to get your size tie a belt round your waist that actually fits you then measure to get your correct length including the knot.

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