Child V-Neck TKD Print

Child V-Neck TKD Print

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These are all brand new in their original packing and are all supplied with a nice quality White Belt -- JACKET - This has the traditional V-Neck and is the usual "pull over your head" design and on the back there is the "Taekwondo" logo printed in deep Black ink -- TROUSERS - These have a full width elastic waistband plus a drawstring -- MATERIAL - made from excellent quality - Bright White - Pre-Shrunk - Easy care - 7 oz Polycotton fabric that will stay good looking and last you a very long time -- IMPORTANT SIZES - Check your childs actual height by standing them against a wall and then measure down to the ground from level with the top of there head - NOTE - that all of our Doboks are made to fit a large person at the maximum height shown so if the child is slim the size below MAY be good for them - ALSO - we do NOT recommend buying a larger suit to allow for any future growth as this will swamp your child and they will not be able to move properly -

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