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ITF Certificates

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DETAILS -- The Certificate at the top is shown with no details (Exactly as it will arrive with you) and underneath we show an example of one that has been completed -- USES - The certificate can be given for Promotion to any grade or for success as a Class C, B, or A Instructor or Umpire - Also Student of the Month etc -- COMPLETION - We have a template for you to print certificates (as shown) and are happy to email you a copy in "Word" with instructions on how to put details or make adjustments -- QUALITY - These certificates are printed on super heavy 350 grams silk finish card and made in the popular A4 size which is ideal for most picture frames -- QUANTITY - You can buy one or get great discounts for larger quantities - 

REPLACEMENT CERTIFICATE -- If you have lost your personal certificate or never received one we can provide you with a fully printed certificate - NOTE - that because we must take time to set-up details there are extra costs involved - ALSO - we will need the detais for your certificate as follows - Your Instructors name & Rank - the Examiners name & Rank - the date of the Exam - the Grade you achieved.

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