Condensed Encyclopaedia by Gen Choi

Condensed Encyclopaedia by Gen Choi

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The last few of this very latest 2004 English Language publication packed with a huge amount of comprehensive information on all patterns and movements -- DETAILS - About a year before his passing General Choi's doctors informed him that he did not have much longer and as a result he was determined to fully up-date and revise both of his Encyclopaedia's to be sure that everything was exactly and totally correct -- ESSENTIAL - if you are truely serious about the way you perform your art then there is only one proper way to do things and in this book you will find everything -- SIZE - the book weighs 3 kilos and has more than 771 pages - It measures 30 x 23 x 5 cms thick  

-- CONDITION - Please note that we are selling you this complete and authentic Condensed Encyclopedia - The book has been supplied to us in a plastic case and unfortunately this plastic is quite brittle and it can easily suffer a crack - As a result you will get a PERFECT book - But we do NOT guarantee that the plastic case will also be in the same condition - Most arrive in good condition but unfortunately we do not have any spare cases so if your book arrives with a case that is not perfect we are very sorry but we can NOT do anything about it - 

-- STOCK - These are the last few and we also have one or two listed on eBay and Amazon - Note that we cannot get any more until there is a new edition printed and that will probably be in about 2020 so kindly do not email to ask for a book after our stock has been sold -  

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