Leather Palm Protectors

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Solid Leather Palm Safety Protectors -- for greater endurance these protectors have been specially manufactured to absorb your sweat so you do not slip off the bars because of wet palms - Research confirms that you will perform longer, harder and with greater intensity when your palms are protected by crossfit -- QUALITY - Made from solid leather to last you a long time they will come to you in a protective case -- ATTACHMENT - the nylon strap adjusts to fit the size of your wrist and for rapid one hand attachment they have an easy close velcro strip -- COLOURS most of these come in natural (off white) leather and we will send that colour to you - But we do have a few Black in some sizes and if you want that please tell us and if available we will send your choice --- SIZES measure your hand from where your fingers go through the holes down to where the strap will be on your wrist then pick the correct size - Small up to 10 cms - Medium up to 12 cms - Large up to 14.5 cms  

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