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The Founder General Choi required that everyone must know who is "in charge" in any class so he designed these badges and said that if you are recognised as an "Official ITF" instructor or authorised Assistant then you must wear a badge for everyone to see your formal identification -- DETAILS - For a payment of £4.75 you will get TWO of these (one for each shoulder) - We always recommend that you carefully pin each patch and then use stitches to secure your identity -- AUTHENTIC - each badge is exactly as shown on page 745 of the Encyclopaedia and they must be worn on each shoulder of your Dobok whenever you are teaching or assisting in the class -- SIZE - these badges are all 9 x 9 cms --

Boo-Sabum - for National Instructors First to Third Degree

Sabum -- for International Instructors 4th to 6th Degree

Sahyun -- To identify all Seventh Degree Masters

Sonim Sahyun - For 8th Degree Senior Masters

Saseong - for all 9th Dan Grandmasters

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