Turtle Shell Flag

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DESCRIPTION -- This is a Limited edition Flag that is a very large 1 metre across and 1½ metres down - The flag shows the ITF Taekwondo identity as described by General Choi regarding the Turtle's great assets of - Strength - Long Life - Durability - All as seen on page 745 of his Encyclopaedia.

HANGING -- At the top there are two metal eyes so that you can easily display this banner in your Dojang or on your bedroom wall

CONDITION -- in transit some of the flags became slightly damp and as a result the metal eyes have become tarnished and on some there are slight marks on the cloth - PRICES - have been adjusted and because the flag is 100% polyestre any mark can easily be wiped off - also we are informed that the eyes can easily be painted.

USES -- Essential for all gradings and competitions this flag would also make a super gift for your Instructor to hang in the Dojang - or pehaps in your office or bedroom - Or for any other person you admire.

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