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GENERAL - In Taekwondo we should always look smart with a clean uncreased Dobok and your belt should be tied in a reef knot with both ends exactly the same length - Also in the Encyclopaedia General Choi requires that your belt must only go around your waist once - this is to signify - Ohdoikwan (pursue one goal) - Ilpyondanshim (serve one master) - Ilkyokpilsung (victory with one blow)

SIZES - To get your size measure the length of a friends belt and then tie it around your waist to find where the ends reach - If your belt is too long the ends will flick up when you exercise and they may hit you in the eye -  As a result most people like to have the ends of their belt somewhere between hips and knee and you can add or subtract centimetres to get the correct length including the knot - 

DETAILS - to keep our prices we buy our belts from various places so some may look slightly different from the pictures also some may have a makers label and if you do not want this you could remove it by un-picking the stitches -


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