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MADE - from natural wood that has been grooved and reinforced internally with strong springs to absorb your impact -- DETAILS - the Makiwara is 29 cms tall by 15 cms wide and 6 cms thick with a strike surface that has a dense layer of foam which is covered with leather like material - Note that for your convenience we show the Makiwara from 2 different angles but at this great price you are buying one item -- INSTALLATION - you can easily attach this to a wall by using 3 wall plugs with screws or hooks that you can get from any DIY store -- METHODS - You may have great skills and techniques - BUT if you are in real combat and your hands are weak you will soon be forced to stop - To strengthen your hands for Punching or using Knife-hand or Back-fist etc you must regularly train to condition your hands using this Makiwara.

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