3 Bar Stretcher

3 Bar Stretcher

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QUALITY -- Made from 3 very strong metal bars with soft padding on the contact areas - this is an excellent great quality piece of equipment -- SIZE - the two outer bars that push your legs are 104 cms long and the central "pull" bar is 71 cms long with holes at the far end so that you can adjust the machine for different leg lengths - or as your stretch improves --

METHOD OF USE -- You are best to start by doing some leg exercises to warm up your muscles before you stretch - At first we recommend that you use it gently for about 5 or 10 minutes every other day -- Then after several days you can increase the time and pressure -- SIT with your back against a wall as shown in the picture and put the left bar on your left ankle - Then put the right bar on your right ankle and pull the central handle -- This will give you exact control on the way your legs are pushed back and when necessary you can apply or reduce the pressure - 

RECOGNISED -- We have sold hundreds of these to happy people who all agree that used regularly this is a very effective way for you to get better flexability and a wider stretch for your higher kicks

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