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We think General Choi was a genius for creating this system because with it everybody wins - You get the official members Pin Badge and the Card that identifies you as being entitled to  3 FREE LESSONS  at any class you visit outside of your home town - So every time you go on holiday or travel you can enjoy free training - This membership will therefore very quickly pay for itself. 

DETAILS --- We can only make the cards hand written and in Blue ink to be similar to General Choi's signature (as shown) - BUT - if you have a printer and want the cards supplied blank we are happy to send them to you with a note of the number/s and nothing on the card so you can complete the details yourself. 

INSTRUCTORS BENEFITS --- Instructors get a good discount when they buy these cards in bulk from us to sell to their students - So the Instructor will easily cover the costs of any "free" lessons that they may occasionally give to a visitor to their class  --- OFFICIALLY APPROVED ---  by ITF headquarters in Vienna we are the ONLY suppliers authorised to issue this card throughout the Whole World. 

RECOGNITION ---  of the system are shown page's 745/6 of General Choi's Condensed Encyclopeadia where it is shown that Life Membership will be recognised by all Official Instructors who are teaching correctly and in accordance with the requirements of the founders instructions. 

REPLACEMENTS ---  if you are already a member but have lost your badge then just buy a replacement --- LOST your card - for small and reasonable fee we will trace your membership and supply you with the replacement.

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