A Killing Art

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We all know that Taekwondo has been in the Olympic Games for many years and that it is now the world’s most popular martial art.    We also know that Taekwondo is full of lies including the "WT" leaders who are fond of saying that their art is ancient and created from a dynasty of superhuman feats.   

Taekwondo began in the Korean military shortly after the end of the Second World War and since then it has empowered individuals and nations  - BUT its leaders too often hid the painful truths that led to that empowerment - the gangsters, secret-service agents, and dictators who encouraged cheating, corruption, and murder.   

This book is a facinating read that will tell you all the true facts about the history of Taekwondo.  It will take you into the cults, the geisha houses, and crime syndicates that made Taekwondo.   The book will shows you how in the end a few key leaders kept the art clean and turned Taekwondo into an empowering art for tens of millions of people in more than 150 countries. 

Your book will have much New Information & Pictures - We 100% guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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