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You will enjoy proper sparring in confidence knowing that you are unlikely to suffer any broken ribs or other injuries when you have this great protection for your body 

DETAILS - for quick attachment there are tough "easy wear" straps that allow you to tie the armour to your body so that is a secure fit to your size

PROTECTION - this very comfortable light weight guard that covers your chest and upper abdomen - It will also wrap around your body to protect ribs and back

CONSTRUCTION - the highly resilant padding is covered with super strong PU material that is easy to wipe clean

COLOURS - your protector is reversible and for competition sparring there is a Red spot on one side and a Blue spot on the other side

SIZES - The measurements shown are the maximum chest the protector will fit -- Small up to 76 cms -- Medium up to 80 cms -- Large up to 108 cms -- ExLarge up to a maximum chest size 120 cms -- ExxLarge up to about 135 cms

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