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- CLEARANCE - We have a few of these in Red, Blue or Black and only in the colours and sizes that are shown -- MEASUREMENTS - are round the head just above the ears at the largest place - Small up to 51 cms round - Medium up to 56 cms round - Large up to 60 cms round - QUALITY - Made from durable dense foam with a smooth strong easy clean plastic surface -- COMFORT - these Head Guards have a velcro chin closure

PROTECTION - When sparring everyone will usually try to kick high and there is a danger of falling backwards and hitting your head on the ground or hard object - This could cause permanent brain damage so this headguard is a small price to pay for you or your childs safety -- LEGAL - Health & Safety law clearly states that EVERYONE must wear protection when sparring - There are no exceptions and it MUST be worn for ALL Sparring in class or competition - If any person is injured and you or them are not wearing protection then YOU can be held responsible for their injury - all of our pads fully meet all legal requirements - INSTRUCTORS - We can assure you that a signed disclaimer is worthless - Ignore this at your peril

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